A Little Bit Of Me

I hate hate hate having pictures taken of me.  I don’t consider myself photogenic and can count on one hand pictures of myself that I really like.   Normally I grab the camera to avoid being in the shot but I gave my oldest son the camera the other day and he snapped a picture of me that I actually love and it got me thinking about documenting some personal information for my kiddos!

Earlier this year my husband and I attended a memorial service for some friends of ours who lost their son.  Part of the memorial service featured a video that the family had made to honor their son and much of it was photos that they had taken of him during his two years of life.  It was incredibly beautiful and impressive the amount of photos that they had, not just of him, but of all of them together as a family.

During the video my husband looked over at me and said “we really need to take more pictures of you and of you and the kids.”  He’s right – and I’m trying.

I saw a similar layout to this one a while ago that featured personal lists, so here is a very light-hearted look at me…

Hmmm… the dream list. So much that was left off!

I don’t often mention my button collection – consider yourself lucky.

18 and in a dress – rare sighting.

In addition to little labels I love to write personal notes on my scrapbook pages.

Use stamp pads to add extra color to chip board pieces.

A little something for all you Tatum fans out there!


3 thoughts on “A Little Bit Of Me

  1. such a great idea! there is so much truth to us mom’s documenting everything about our children but leaving ourselves out of the picture (literally!). thank you for the inspiration!

  2. I definitely need to document more about myself as well so that the kids have something to remember me by in like 100 years

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