Dress Up Your Frames

This is one of the projects that I have to pat myself on the back for.  Not that it turned out really cool or anything like that – just a nice little pat for actually getting it done.  My head might have exploded if I heard my husband “casually” ask me one more time what I was going to do with all of these frames.  I’m not going to fess up to how long it actually took me to finish them all – it’s ridiculous.

Originally I had wanted to use papers that were all in the same color scheme – something to match my copper wall but I spent so much time trying to find the right paper that the project just sat and sat.  Since I like to get things done (and because I have SO many unfinished projects) I decided to pull out my entire collection of paper and in a moment of frustration I picked out any and all papers that I love but hadn’t used yet.  The result is this collection of frames in our living room – a collection that I now absolutely adore.

I started with a bunch of frames that I pulled together from garage sales and storage (aka the garage).  After sanding the frames I painted all of them with a latte colored paint, sanded them again, and dry brushed all of them with copper paint.  Some of the frames were your standard oak-stained wood finish and a few of them were black – just using the same colors for the frames them self is really what holds this collection together.

Using all of the original mats that were will the frames I covered each in a different scrap booking paper – trying to contrast colors and patterns as much as possible as I went along.  I am also a huge fan of black and white photography so I kept it simple and printed all of my pictures that way.

It’s done!  Yeah!


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