Dresser Organizer

A while back I had promised to show you all how I organized myself and my work area after I got kicked out of the “White Couch Room”.  If you’re new to the blog I used to have my own room in the house for crafting, but after child #3 came around and the boys hit video game age, I got kicked to the curb so that we could have a playroom and video games centrally located.  Yes… you read that right.  There is a white couch in the kids playroom.

So me and my plastic crates of stamps and supplies found a new place in the home (aka the dining room table).  Feeling like I deserved some place of my own I relocated everything in my buffet and started using that for storage.  Now I never have shown you pictures from those days because… (ahem) I was never really that organized.  There I said it – I feel so much better now that you know!

So a few weekends ago I recruited The Man and we tore apart our home office and moved in a dresser that I recently repainted (that’s a whole different story!).  So while things are at least moderately organized or at least appear so on the surface I thought I’d share a few pictures.

First a few pictures of the dresser itself!  I bought this tall dresser and a low 3-drawer wide dresser to match at a garage sale around the corner.  I lied to my husband and told him that I was just buying this one and came back with both.  He loves me (very very much) and since these two pieces match my buffet almost perfectly he knew they were going to stay with us.  There were in pretty bad shape – nothing that wood filler and a lot of sanding couldn’t fix.  This is the original hardware that was on the dresser – we scrubbed it and then just spray painted them a burnt copper color.  The curved front and hardware are what match the buffet so pretty soon I need to get that project done too!

I’m giving you an exclusive tour of all of the drawers – for the most part I just used silverware organizers to keep things in their place.  The stamps are organized into three different locations.  I used to go digging for stamps and since I literally have hundreds my sister helped me come up with an idea to organize those as well.  We spent an incredibly long time taking a picture of each set and then putting them into a binder.  The sets were each given a letter that designated their (box at the time) drawer.  So when I need a set I pull out my binder, find the one that I need and then go right to that drawer.  So much faster now and honestly a lot easier to make decisions!

The dresser was painted an off-white shade – something linen or other (sorry!) and then we rubbed an antiquing glaze on the whole thing giving it the dirty distressed kind of look I love.

I gobbed on the glaze in all of the cracks and along the trim pieces. Love it!!

Top drawer. 1) Stamp cleaning pads and my Stamp-a-ma-jig, 2) Modge Podge, 3) double sided adhesive tape, 4) tools – everything from Xacto knives to bone folders to stenciling brushes, 5) heat tool, 6) scissors, 7) snail adhesives and glue gun, 8) stamp cleaning supplies, 9) sticky strip and stampin’ dimensionals, 10) color guide.

Second drawer. 1) Neutrals markers, 2) ink refills, 3) craft ink pads, 4) classic ink pads, 5) StazOn and VersaMark pads, 6) retired ink color markers, 7) current ink color markers, 8) embossing powders.

Third drawer. 1) Rubber brayer, 2) large punches, 3) small punches, 4) wheel handles and wheels, 5) old ribbon colors, 6) new ribbon colors, 7) hemp twines, 8) linen thread.

Fourth drawer. 1) various embellishments, 2) alpha stickers, rub-ons, 3) paper flowers, 4) mini metal frames, 5) 6) 7) a whole bunch of stuff that I rarely use. Call this the junk drawer, really its things I like but will probably never use.

I mentioned that I used to have all of my stamps in plastic crates – my awesome sister was actually the one who helped me catalog all of my stamps and now I use an alphabet system to keep track of where they are. I have a master binder that has a picture of each set, along with the letter designating the drawer they are in. Has helped a lot because now I just flip through the binder to select my set.

I’m always looking for fun ways to display my cards for my customers viewing pleasure when they come by. I just recently made this burlap covered board with jute webbing and clothespins. It all goes with rest of the room!

Last but not least my trusty red cart. Also picked this up at a garage sale (for $5!!) and I store all of my paper on the bottom shelf and use the top for a work space. I can roll this around the house and work in various areas (usually where the 2 year-old has plunked himself down).

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