Coptic Stitch Mini Album

Back in January I agreed to a Pay It Forward project with a number of my Facebook friends.  Now that it’s the middle of July I think I have procrastinated long enough given the list of projects that I need to complete!  I really wanted to make my friend Kelly a fun mini album and I have been researching different binding options.  I had been wanting to try the coptic stitch since it allows you to completely lay the book flat where ever you open it up – so I gave it a shot!!

So before I go to much further I just want to state that this post isn’t a tutorial on the coptic stitch process – that is a whole other beast to tackle!  If you are interested in learning how to complete the stitching check out this tutorial: “How To Make Your Own Handmade Sketchbook”.  I watched several tutorials and this one is by far the best that I found – I had to watch a couple of sections a few times to get it down but she did a great job!

The coptic stitch method of book binding allows you to lay the book completely flat.

Below is the supply list for this project – I made (2) 24-page 6″ x 6″ albums, plus the covers!

Kelly’s Mini Album Supply List

Afternoon Daydream Simply Scrappin’ Kit
Primrose Petals 3/8″ Stitched Satin Ribbon
Linen Thread
Bone Folder
Paper Piercing Tool
Stampin’ Pierce Mat
Snail Adhesive
Embroidery Floss (you choose the color – I went with a dark gray)

The Simply Scrappin’ Kits include all of the paper shown as well as the adhesive embellishments.

Select the papers that you want to use for your book – I pulled all of these from the Afternoon Daydream Simply Scrappin’ Kit and set aside 2 sheets of the patterned papers for my covers.

Begin by cutting all of your paper down to 6″ x 12″. At this point you can decide if you want to make one or two albums. I decided to make two.

Fold all of the sheets of paper in half and use a bone folder on the folded edges. Don’t skip this step!

Decide how you want to layout your pages. This photo shows two stacks of pages, also referred to as signatures. I ended up with four signatures, two solid colors of paper and one patterned sheet.

For each signature you nest the papers inside of each other so that on the left side of the stack of papers you only have four outer page edges.

You’ll need two sheets of sturdy cardboard for your front and back covers. I always save the piece of cardboard that comes in the Designer Paper Series packs for just this purpose!

Use a ruler to mark on the top signature where you want your holes for binding. I went 1″ and 2″ from both the top and bottom of the book.

Use a piece of paper or a ruler to make pencil marks on all of the signatures where your binding holes will be.

Using your top signature as a guide, mark binding holes about 1/2″ from the edge of your cover.

Stack your covers together and using a paper piercing tool punch out your holes for the covers.

Take an entire signature (all three pages together) and lay it open on your mat. Using the paper piercing tool, punch through all papers at the binding hole marks.

This is the start of the binding process – again if you need help with this part of the tutorial, check out the link in the first paragraph of this post!

This is what the coptic stitch binding looks like completed.

Use the reserved patterned paper to cover the cardboard pages that you used for covers. I alternated papers on both the outside and the inside of the covers.

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