Boarding Pass Save The Date

It’s Spring Time and that also means wedding season so I have been swamped with huge orders to assemble and client meetings but I have been missing you!  I wanted to give you a quick peek at one of the fun projects I just wrapped up!

Nicole and Steven brought me an idea that they had torn out of a wedding magazine for a boarding pass save the date.  The original design was letterpress and cost prohibitive but we were able to create a fun “second edition” that matched both their wedding colors and budget!

This board pass featured authentic details such as rounded corners, perforated sections and the boarding pass envelope.  We used hand drawn artwork to soften up the design and add interesting visual details.

I am always happy to provide quotes on custom projects such as these save the dates.  If you have an idea but are having trouble either pulling it together or finding a comparable item, then please contact me!  I am happy to help!

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