Card of the Month Club

Many years ago I launched Scarlet Design as Scarlet Art Co. and did so with a Card of the Month Club!  It was really exciting as I built up my business and mailed to people all over the country.  When I started the wedding side of my business I took a break from the Club but I am ready to give it a go again!

Friends have been requesting the Club for a while now so I hope you all take advantage of having cards shipped to you (instead of trekking to the grocery store card aisle).  Since postage costs have done nothing but climb the last couple of years, the only thing I am changing will be number of shipments per year.  I plan to mail every three months, so you can sign up for 3, 6 or 12 month increments.

Every shipment will have (9) cards – you’ll receive at least 3 birthday, 3 thank you and 3 designer choice cards such as a card for a baby shower, anniversary or sympathy.

Visit the Scarlet Design store website to get started today!

P.S.  The first shipment is April 1, 2012 – if you sign up before this date you’ll receive the card shown above.  Super cute… isn’t it!

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