Flea Markets Finds

Cast iron candlesticks and yes my husband did crack the Clue joke... it was Jessica in the Office with the Candlestick.

My favorite bargain shopping partner (aka Mom) and I headed down to the Bay Area this past Sunday to hit one of the largest antique shows that Northern California has to offer.  On the first Sunday of every month, Antiques by the Bay is held in Alameda on an old naval air strip featuring over 1,000 vendors and probably millions of pieces of stuff that is certainly someone’s treasure.  Added bonus on a beautiful sunny day like Sunday was top notch views of San Francisco right across the Bay.  Absolutely beautiful.

Close up of the base on the candlesticks.

I picked up a few treasures of my own and wanted to share them as I finish up a few new card projects and scrapbook pages.  There have been trips down to the event that have yielded some fabulous finds and there have been trips where we just got plain old skunked! All in all this trip was what I call medium weight.  This means that my mother and I were able to carry all of our stuff back to the truck without the assistance of any additional carts or help but it wasn’t without some sweat and sore muscles the next day.  Not shown in these photos was the rather large metal chair that she bought.  It was a long walk.

Scalloped top of the candlesticks.

Trip notes:  We left Sacramento at six o’clock in the morning and walked into the show around 8:00am.  No lines and fairly close parking.  When we left at noon the line to get in was hundreds long and parking was literally a half mile out from the entrance so head down there early.  It was well worth getting up early to avoid the crowds.  We’ve left as early as 4:30am but unless you are an antiques dealer and need to get the best stuff it’s not worth it.

Finish the day with a Bloody Mary and the Hot Dungness Crab & Artichoke Dip from Skates in Berkley.  Trust me… best way to end the day (because you’ll be done).

Found this stack of old hook rug patterns - thinking they might make great pillow fronts.

Check out the original Woolworth's tag.

These are commecial bread trays - thought they might make great planters.

Love the silver flaky paint.

Mom actually found this tablecloth for me - I do love the embroidery and the lace trim.

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