Scrapbooking Tips For The Slow Scrapper

It used to take me weeks to finish a scrapbook page.  I would sit and fuss over the page – trying so hard to make it right.  One day I decided to break some rules (they were only my own) and go in a different direction.  Since then I scrapbook so much faster and I am happy with the way my pages turn out… it’s really all that matters right?

Anyway, here are a few of my scrapbooking tips that have actually helped me out along the way:

1) Toss out your scrapbooking magazines.

OK, so right about now you are probably thinking I am crazy.  I used to pour over magazines, tearing out each and every layout that provided me inspiration.  I literally have tons of scrapbooks of scrapbook pages I have torn out.  When I show them to my customers who come to stamp I see they are looking at me sideways.  But the truth is I would spend a lot of my time going through these pages and when I found one that seemed to work with my layout I didn’t ever have exactly the right paper, embellishments, or photos.  So then some shopping would happen and I still wouldn’t get that page done for some time to come.

2) Layout your supplies before you start.

Pick your papers, embellishments, stickers, buttons, ribbon – literally everything before you start the page.  Lay it out on the table in front of you so that you remember all that you have and don’t forget to add that one special item to your page.  Some people are great at improvising a page on the fly… I am not.  Some day I will show you all of the pages that “are not quite done.”

3) Forget the fancy titles.

I am of the belief that a great scrapbook page doesn’t require a great title.  Sometimes the pictures say everything that needs to be said without some witty saying above them.  Again, I have had pages just sitting around waiting for the perfect title.  I have even recruited my husband to help and I can sense the pain he feels when I request assistance on a page.  This is not HIS thing.

4) Keep journaling to a minimum.

I’ve done it myself and I have seen many of my friends do it to… pouring another glass of wine or chatting with the scrapper to your left because you really can’t think of anything to say.  So don’t force it!  When I get stuck I make sure the page at least covers the basics – who, what, when.  That’s all that we ever need written on the back of a photo!

5) Layout your photos before you print.

I know not everyone has Microsoft Publisher but if you do I would suggest that you learn it and use it.  You can accomplish the same with Microsoft Word but the program just isn’t as user friendly.  Before I print my pictures I pull up a blank document that measures 12″ x 12″ and lay out all of my photos on the page in the exact size that I want them.  Right then and there I take care of all of the cropping and adjust the sizes.  It also gives me a very good sense of what my layout is going to look like – even if I know in my head what I am going to do on the page.

If you have any tips that you can share on speeding up scrapbooking please leave a comment!

This page was created with paper and embellishments from the Tickets & Tags Simply Scrappin’ Kit. These kits come with designer paper, textured card stock and self-adhesive die cuts.  If you remember the Mini Album Class that I did back in January, this page was made with the scraps from the class.  Actually I have enough paper to probably make at least 2 more 12″ x 12″ pages – I love these kits!

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