Valentine’s Love Gift Box

My husband and I aren’t huge Valentine’s Day people but I am feeling somewhat sentimental this year!  We are about to celebrate 16 years together next month and he gave me a beautiful watch on our first Valentine’s together.  That where I start getting teary eyed.  Couldn’t help but think about that watch as I was making this box.  It’s the perfect size for such a gift… or a Snicker’s Bar – which is also a great way to convey your love.

So I am doing a couple of different things with this project!

1) This is a Step By Step project so you can get the supply list, instructions, template and how-to photos for this gift box.  I mentioned a few month’s ago that I was thinking about maybe charging a small fee for my projects (I do spend a lot of time on these)!  So what I have decided to do is keep my regular Step By Step projects completely FREE.  But if it includes a template, like this one I am asking a $1.50 for the PDF file.  You can order this through my website by clicking here. This template includes a $5.00 Off coupon too!

2) If you just want to skip the making part and just want to BUY one of these cute little boxes you can order it on my website by clicking here!  These gift boxes are $6.00 each (plus tax and shipping) and if you order by January 27th, I will make sure that you have it in hand well in advance of Valentine’s Day.

3) If you’d like to WIN one of these gift boxes all you have to do is leave me a comment on this post – let me know how you will use this gift box OR the most sentimental gift that you have received.  Comment by Friday the 13th at 11:00PST and I will draw the winner that afternoon!  Hey BTW – if you aren’t subscribed to my blog BE SURE to leave your e-mail address in your post!

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